4000 Necklaces For Adoption Campaign

 Each necklace is etched with scripture.
 The necklaces size from 16 - 18" with this chain and clasp
 A few of the designs we have. 

They're here!

Please help us raise the cost of our adoption!  For every necklace purchased, we receive a portion towards adoption costs. All necklaces are made by Rebekah Blocher, an artisan at Compelled Designs.  You have the choice of assorted necklaces each handmade with etched scriptures on the back.  The necklaces are put in a drawstring bag made by a ministry in Kenya.  The cost of the necklaces are 24.00 plus the cost of shipping which is $5.00, totaling 29.00 . Your purchase is helping "many hands" and would make a beautiful gift you can be proud of for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and Christmas or any other holidays for that matter.

Remember that these necklaces are handmade, which means that it may take time between my order request and shipment lot. All necklaces are assorted and not guaranteed each shipment but we can try to get something close if it is requested. We will let you know ahead of time if the wait is a bit longer.  If your interested, please email us with your interest and we will send you a secure Paypal invoice and send the necklaces out once the items are payed for.

Thank you for supporting our adoption endeavor! We look forward to sharing our journey with you. Keep up with us and the necklaces we are selling at our Facebook Page. A Home In Our Hearts FB Page.

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