Saturday, July 18, 2015

Budgeting Is Crucial For Attaining Our Goals Here's Why...

Looking at adoption costs can be quite intimidating. According to Abbafund,  only 33% of families even consider adoption. Of that 33%,  79% of families who consider adoption are concerned with the astronomical financial obligation it takes in bringing a child home through adoption. For some, the less expensive route is adoption through the foster care system, for other families the alternative route is through private or agency adoption. Whatever the choice, there are moments that many couples and families get discouraged through the "paper chase" process. Much of this unfortunately, has to do with the financial cost and deters folks completely from adopting. 

In conjunction with fundraising, there are other opportunities to put away money for your adoption expenses. A few which we are doing have been to grow our groceries in the garden, buy less junk food and switch grocery stores for stores that sell the fruits, veggies and other products we use at considerable lower costs.   We also use coupons and I'm just starting once again to "stack coupons at stores where we can get products virtually free at times.

While over the past few years with Sister Bear we have been less strict with our pocketbooks, we are now moving BACK to using a tighter budget and cutting back on certain expenses we don't need. Cable for one, which we have given up altogether and use Hulu Plus along with a new one called Feeln which is a family oriented movie and streaming site for just 1.99 a month.

A budget is a HUGE asset in attaining goals of every kind. Even getting out of debt!  Dave Ramsey's site has been such a great tool for us in the past that we've re-committed to creating a tighter budget that will help us attain our goal while in conjunction with other opportunities, will bring our next child home.  In our own unique journey, we wanted to share what WE are doing to offset costs at home while also finding other fundraising opportunities.  If YOU would like to know more about budgeting for a goal like adoption, or are just looking to get out of debt, Dave Ramsey has been our go-to guy through his Financial Peace University books and classes. We HIGHLY recommend them and they will change the way you think about debt. 

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