Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just when we started...

We have now put a hault on our adoption process.  February, we found we were pregnant at the literal LAST hour.

I am now at 23wks and just a few days from viability wk.  This hasn't gone without a hitch of course.  Found that I in fact have Incompetent Cervix and ended up in the hospital for a cerclage at 19wks with a cervical length of 2.0 and slightly funneled.  Prior to that I started 17P injections (progesterone injections) to keep pre term labor at bay.

I'm now past the milestone we lost our son at. 22wks is behind us and now we're in a whole new place.  I'm praying we make it to term and come fall hope to introduce our beautiful daughter Amelia.  We DO still plan to adopt, so stay tuned.  We're enjoying the gift God has blessed us with and will take some time to enjoy her before we apply again for adoption.

Love to you all!

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